The boat is a kindred spirit to the sea, the river, and the lake. Boats immerse you in
nature and navigate you to unforgettable experiences. And the outboard motor helps
make all of this possible.
Outboard motors are about a whole lot more than just the specs. A truly great motor
delivers it all—performance, safety, and the ultimate ease of use. That’s why we never
stop asking ourselves the essential questions about what makes a great engine. We’ve
been doing that since 1922, when aviation engineer Masuzo Takata founded Tohatsu.
Time and again, Tohatsu innovations have made waves that change the world.
Take, for example, the Tohatsu motorcycle, which dominated the industry with its
compact engine. Or Tohatsu outboard motors, built with our one-of-a-kind direct
injection technology, which has revolutionized environmental performance.
We are uncompromising in our pursuit of outboard motors that are both durable and
as light as possible. We pursue the ultimate in quality to deliver an inspirational engine
experience. This is our unwavering promise: to deliver a more refined and stimulating
boating experience.



We aim to deliver the ultimate boating experience by providing outboard motors
that are simple, easy to use and of outstanding quality. Simpliq™ Technology
embodies the Tohatsu technological philosophy. Named for its integration of
simplicity, interface and quality, Simpliq™ Technology is the result of continuous
technological innovation fueled by the pursuit of nothing less than the very best.


Our job begins by understanding our customer’s needs. We spare nothing to bring ingenuity and innovation to delivering safer, more comfortable boating for our
customers. We provide our customers with personal support for their Tohatsu
outboard motors to ensure the best boating experience.




The history of Tohatsu began since 1922 when the development of small gasoline engines has started.
In 1956, Tohatsu has succeeded in producing the first outboard motor in Japan, the “OB”.
Since then, Tohatsu Outboards have been serving various marketplaces fulfilling numerous
different demands with reliable products; two-stroke, four-stroke, and TLDI® Outboard
Motors, and always seeking for ways to improve the quality of products & services.



The Tohatsu Blue Wings evokes the image of
the sea hawk, a bird that soars over the
oceans of the world. The circle represents
the sea. The sea hawk’s wings which
transcend it symbolize Tohatsu innovation,
the pioneering ideas that inspire action that
transcends the conventional.






Wind is the flow of life. At times, it can even
change the world. We want people
everywhere to feel the exhilarating wind
coming off the wings of Tohatsu.
We pour our passion into every detail to
provide people around the world with a
smarter, more exciting boating experience.
See it. Hear it. Feel the wind.

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