Tohatsu MFS3.5

Key benefits:

  • Large front and back carrying handles (NEW)
  • 3-Way Storage Positions
  • Unique engine oil breather system
  • Light and compact
  • Designed with proven technology
  • Greatly reduced induction noise for a quieter ride
  • Sacrificial anode that can protect the engine from electrolysis

Easy operation and handling:

  • Digital CD ignition system for easier starting
  • Quicker throttle response for smooth trolling
  • Forward-neutral shifting with 360 steering.
  • Easy to check oil gauge
  • Adjustable steering friction device for reduced effort
  • Throttle grip control
  • Fast idle choke system allowing easier manual choke operation

Fundamentals for user convenience and reliability:

  • Thermostatically controlled cooling system
  • Four point dampening system reduced vibration
  • High grade marine aluminium
  • Zinc coating on internal water passages for corrosion resistance
  • Built in 1ltr tank


  • Safety lanyard
  • Throttle grip control
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